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Complexion Perfection

The online make-up course that'll teach you everything you need to know about skincare, complexion, and contour so you can tailor your application to your face shape and goals so you get the flawless finish you deserve.


  • Are unhappy and frustrated with your make-up because it doesn't look good and you don't know how to fix it.
  • Don't have the time to watch endless tutorials online with conflicting advice, looking for the right info that may or may not help.
  • Wish a pro makeup artist would give you a roadmap and guidance if you get stuck.
  • Buy all the products, but feel clueless on when and how to use them all.
  • Have changing skin and your routine doesn't look or work the same as it used to.

Go from feeling overwhelmed and intimidated to fierce and confident

Complexion Perfection

Value: $397

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What's Inside:

Module 1: Love The Skin You're In

Skincare is the self care and love you get to give yourself twice a day. 

  • Learn about the key ingredients to look for in products that’ll target your specific skin concerns so shopping is a no brainer. 
  • Understand the importance of each type of skincare product and when to apply them so you can have radiant skin that'll make you feel gorgeous even without make-up.
  • Audit your current skincare routine to make sure it’s the best for you and your needs. And if you have no routine, I'll get you started!

Module 2: Texture, Color Theory, and Undertones, Oh My!

No more longing for smooth, perfect skin: it's here.

  • Identify your undertone so color matching and shopping for complexion products is a breeze and you don't waste money on the wrong ones anymore.
  • Learn how to pick out the right color correctors and properly apply them for your imperfections so you save time and product.

  • Discover the best way to prep your skin that'll meet your individual goals so you don't get bamboozled into buying things that won't work for you. 

Module 3: All About The Base

Glowing, delicious skin is just a few clicks away.

  • Learn the differences between all the varying types of foundation, concealer, powder, and setting sprays so you get the flawless finish you dream of and quit thinking it's not possible — despite your age or skin type.
  • Practice pro application techniques so you don't have anything creasing or caking throughout the day and can feel confident that you're a stunner.
  • Know how to pick out the right shade when shopping online and in store so you don't waste your time or money and end up with a drawer of foundations or concealers that look ashy and sallow.

Module 4: Sculpting The Face

Fill up your camera roll with selfies because you're feeling yourself!

  • Determine your face shape so you can understand where to apply the different products and quit thinking that contouring is challenging.
  • Learn the difference between all the sculpting products, creams, and powders so you know which is best for your skin type and what colors will compliment you the most without worrying that you'll look like a clown.
  • Apply your products like a pro to enhance your features that'll have your friends begging you to teach them!

Once You Enroll, You'll Get...

  • Immediate and lifetime access to watch the lessons whenever your schedule allows, wherever you are, on whatever device you prefer.
  • Personalized feedback on your Homework Assignments (aka: finished looks) so you no longer worry if you’re doing it right.
  • A workbook for each module, filled with the key information so you don’t forget what you learned.



Hi, I'm Donna!

I’ve been a professional makeup artist for over 16 years, and while working with celebrities and creating characters for movies is a shiz ton of fun — nothing comes close to how I feel after helping someone achieve there make-up goals. 

Okay Donna, this sounds great, but why should I pay for this when I can learn on YouTube for free?

If learning from YouTube is working for you, then you don't need this course. But being you're here, I'm guessing you're not thrilled with how things are going.

When you enroll in Complexion Perfection, you're not only getting all my knowledge from being a pro make-up artist, you're getting me as your mentor. I'll be an email away to answer your specific questions and to help if you get stuck. 

Does your favorite YouTuber promise that? :P



It was the best decision I have made. I have learned more in the last few weeks than I have in 30+ years wearing make-up.


Donna provides a safe, encouraging space for everyone, and makes sure that every person feels personally attended to. 11/10 would recommend!


Donna DeLia thank you for all the help with all this! I know personally I would have NEVER started a skincare routine without you, so my skin thanks you! 


I've actually taken a couple makeup courses online, watched more than a hundred YouTube videos, and NONE of them even come close to what I learned in just the first part of your course.


Someone on FB asked a group, what's one thing that's revolutionized your make-up routine. The answer is easy, Donna DeLia. You help me take it to the next level. I feel emboldened to try things. 


I've watched hundreds of hours of tutorials and am almost finished with a two-year online make-up course. Three minutes of your concealer videos held more value for me. I had the right products and tools but was using them wrong.


The Ultimate Product Handbook

$50 value (yours free!)

This Handbook gives you a full routine from skincare to highlighter with products (drug store and high end, so all budgets covered) that meet your individual needs.

No need to wonder what's good for you — I did the research so you don't have to.

Each page is broken down by skin type, skin concern, and complexion goals.

Products include: cleanser, toner, mask, exfoliate, treatment, serum, eye cream, SPF, primer, foundation, color corrector, concealer, powder, setting spray, contour, blush, highlighter, bronzer.

You'll have all the info you need to get your glow on!


Complexion Perfection

Value: $397

Enroll Today For Only $47